JZM350R Concrete Mixer Gasoline Engine

JZM350R Concrete Mixer Gasoline Engine

Performance Features:

  1. Rational design and optimized performance of the machine
  2. Easy to use and maintain
  3. solid and reliable, long life
  4. Good stirring quality and high efficiency
  5. Easy to operate, fast discharging speed

Application Fields:

  1. Large, medium and small prefabricated parts factories and construction units of industrial and civil construction projects;
  2. all kinds of mixing dry hard, plastic, fluid, light orthopedic concrete and various mortar
  3. mortar, mortar mixing

  • Product Brief Introduction
    Concrete drum mixer is also called reverse drum concrete mixer.
  • Because the principle of the machine is that it will mix raw materials when it rotates in a normal rotation direction, and it will discharge when it rotates in a reverse rotation direction.
  • The reversible concrete mixer is used to mix cement, aggregate, water to form concrete.